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Melanotan is a peptide which increases the production of Melanin in the body. It is bioidentical to the melanocyte-stimulating hormone our body produces that is responsible for producing skin-darkening pigment cells.

Achieve a darker tan without spending hours in the sun and exposure to UV, tanning beds, or sprays. Melanotan peptide therapy cost is an affordable option to support the production of Melanin in the body by binding to the melanocortin receptors in the skin without any adverse effects.

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The active ingredient in RejuvenateHRT Melanotan is a synthetic Melanocyte-stimulating hormone as a peptide and other minerals in concentration.

How Melanotan works:

The Melanotan peptide is injected into the body, which is designed to stimulate the production of Melanin in the skin. Once injected, the hormone stimulates the body’s response to the sun avoiding the harmful rays of the sun. This peptide treatment is ideal for people with a light complexion who get sunburned easily.

Using Melanotan will enable people to get tanning much faster than natural processes or other dangerous tanning procedures without causing any damage to the skin cells. This product’s administration typically involves a series of injections depending on the desired level of skin pigmentation. Melanotan is safe and effective to use without experiencing any side effects.

Melanotan functionalities:

A doctor specializing in growth hormone therapy must prescribe the Melanotan peptide. The RejuvenateHRT Melanotan amino acids come in the purest form that mimics the function of the Melanocyte-stimulating hormone in the human body. The primary function of Melanotan peptides is to help people achieve a darker and more even tan complexion without spending hours in the sun. According to studies, Melanotan can suppress appetite as it activates the melanocortin receptors in the hypothalamus, reducing food intake. Hence, it can be a potential Peptide for weight loss therapy treatment.

Another potentiality of Melanotan is the ability to enhance libido that increases sexual desire in both men and women. This can be a potential treatment for sexual dysfunction with the correct dosage. Moreover, it can also aid people with certain skin conditions like Vitiligo. It helps stimulate melanin production in areas of the skin that lack pigment to improve the skin’s appearance. It’s vital to use Melanotan only under the guidance of a peptide therapy healthcare professional for appropriate use.

Benefits of Melanotan:

  • Achieve a darker and more even tan without the sun and UV rays exposure
  • Helpful for skin that is sensitive to sunburn due to photoprotective effects
  • Faster Melanogenesis with just a few injections for the desired level of skin pigmentation
  • Potential for appetite-suppressing and improved lipid and glucose regulation
  • Libido-enhancing effects
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Lower oxidative stress
  • Induce thermogenic and anorexic responses
  • Metabolic boost to improve glucose and cholesterol metabolism
  • Boost Immunity

Melanotan is a prescription product that requires a completed online medical form and further assessment and consultation if necessary. This injectable peptide can only be shipped once customers complete their online medical evaluation. Once the patient coordinator approves the medical form within 24 hours, Melanotan will be delivered to your address within 7 to 14 days of your payment transaction.