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TB-500- 3mg/ 5ml



TB-500 is a synthetic peptide known as the healing peptide. TB-500 has a naturally occuring wound repair factor with anti inflammatory properties. TB-500 also known as  Thymosin-Beta 4 is a protein all humans have in their bodies. TB-500 helps boost the immune system to fight off disease, and it helps repair damaged tendons, muscles, bones, and ligaments. One of the primary components of one’s health is T-cells. It’s used for multiple growth hormones, including increasing strength through muscle growth, speeding up the healing process of wounds, increasing flexibility, increasing hair growth, and more.

How does TB-500 work? 

The primary role of TB-500 peptide therapy is as an actin-binding protein. It up-regulates the cellular protein TB-500, which can capitalize on actin’s positive effects. The peptide promoted both cellular migration and the diffraction of stem cells for various regenerative purposes in the body. The upregulation of TB500 encourages cell growth, healing, migration, and proliferation. It will up-regulate the type of good inflammation and build new blood vessel pathways with even quicker wound healing.

It contains a molecular structure and low molecular weight, making TB-500 more versatile and mobile. It can travel long distances throughout the tissues.

How to use TB-500? 

TB-500 is an injection that comes in freeze-dried powder. Generally, the dosage is provided to the patient with their doctor’s recommendation. But generally, it is divided into 2-3 injections per week. Please follow the instructions provided before administering the injection to your practitioner’s provided dosages. Moreover, store the product at room temperature and not in direct light.

What are the benefits of Tb-500 Peptide injections? 

There are multiple benefits to using TB-500. It will help you recover from various issues. Here are some of the benefits:

  • It helps to regenerate blood cells
  • It reduces joint inflammation
  • Heals wounds and regenerates organs at the cellular level.
  • It even helps to heal wounds faster than usual while reducing pain and tissue scarring.
  • It improves endurance by affecting stamina levels.


Expert Guidance for TB-500 peptide injections

  • TB-500 will come in powder form. You will need to “reconstitute” it by adding bacteriostatic.
  • Do not let your mixed TB-500 sit at room temperature or direct light; it will damage the mixture. Ensure it is kept out of direct sunlight and at refrigerated or frozen temperatures to ensure the highest quality.
  • Possible  side effect is a temporary sense of lethargy.
  • Also, some people report getting a head rush when injecting TB-500 but report this goes away a few minutes after injecting.


Things you need to know about TB-500 

  • Please complete a medical form; you may need further consultation and evaluation to proceed.
  • Your medication will arrive within 7-14 days after the payment.
  • The products will include needles and supplies for the medicine.