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As part of aging, hormones tend to decline. Unfortunately, there is no defying father time. The symptoms associated with hormone imbalance in both males or females can result in an inability to conceive. Fortunately, there’s fertility treatment options for both men and women. The most typical treatment for women would be Progesterone and or Estrogen therapy. For men, we would analyze sperm strength and Testosterone levels and how they correlate to other hormones.

Hormone replacement therapy is a viable option for couples having issues conceiving. The main culprit may be a hormone imbalance which our specialists can easily treat. Of course, other underlying factors could prevent conception, but talking to one of our medical professionals would clarify some questions and perhaps stir you in the right direction.

Low Sex Drive

It is a primary sign that you may require HRT. Low Testosterone or even low Progesterone in women may make it difficult to become sexually aroused. In this case, you may want to consider completing a blood work panel and have a free consultation with one of our professional staff members. We will answer all your questions.

Night Sweats

Hormone levels can affect the internal body’s temperature, causing night sweats and red flushed skin. If you have these symptoms, get your hormones checked through a comprehensive blood work panel we can bring you back to balance.

Mood Swings

Mood swings are a common issue many women face. When changes occur more often there could be underlying hormonal  issues. Please get in touch with us for an appointment with one of our medical professionals.

Hot Flashes

If you suffer from hot flashes, you may have a symptom that correlates to low estrogen. This symptom occurs when there is a lack of estrogen which may affect your body’s internal thermostat. If you are experiencing these symptoms contact our team for a free initial consultation.

Risks of HRT

How can we help?

If you suffer from mood swings, hot flashes, urinary problems, or low sex drive, we are here to assist you. Our professional staff will review the root cause of your symptoms and provide a path to feeling better.

Before getting any therapy done, reach out to us. Our experienced professionals will closely review your issues before any treatment, and they will recommend whether hormone replacement therapy is appropriate for you. 

Choose RejuvenateHRT for treatment to experience personalized care. Our staff of professionals experienced in fertility treatments in the Atlanta area is second to none. Our fertility specialist in Atlanta offers fertility treatment for both men and women. 

Don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team of professionals strives to deliver the best in personalized and dedicated care to help achieve your goals.

Build the family you’ve always dreamed of.Contact our team of professionals for fertility treatment.

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Fertility Programs