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Ron Castro

Ron CastroRon Castro
RejuvenateHRT | CEO Principal Owner

Graduated with a double bachelors in International Business relations and Marketing, minor in operations from California State Polytechnic University, He furthered his education obtaining his MBA from the Anderson School of Business from UCLA. He has worked as an Executive Director for some of the largest Aerospace companies in the world. His expertise spans 24 years in direct and indirect building of systems that allowed companies in aerospace to grow. This experience led him to develop programs and strategies that helped further advance small aerospace companies’ growth. These same principles allowed him to create Allied Technologies Consulting LLC. For 10 years he worked putting systems together helping companies across the country change their philosophy and systems. His largest achievement was growing a $17 million-dollar company to $43 million in 4 years.

It wasn’t until 2021 he decided to venture in to the world of Pharmaceutical Supplementation with Aminopurelabs, he then later felt the need to expand and continue his pursuit of helping people by launching RejuvenateHRT. He has recently added to his portfolio another Company, Allied Technologies Holdings which is a real estate venture capital initiative. But his true passion is reaching thousands of people and helping them regain their confidence through Hormone Replacement Therapy. RejuvenateHRT was and continues to be his number one priority by offering a multitude or programs, he continues to lead his team in efforts of offering state of the art services not seen in the industry. No other clinic has what RejuvenateHRT has, Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men and Women, Functional Medicine Evaluations, Peptide Therapy, Fertility Therapy, Nutritional Coaching, Functional Medicine mentoring as well Obesity treatment programs to be launched shortly. Our Functional line of supplements Aminopurelabs MD will be launched soon and will offer cutting edge technology in absorption and efficacy. RejuvenateHRT will revolutionize the way patients are treated and optimize their health. Welcome to Rejuvenate Hormone Replacement Therapy.