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PT 141



PT-141 known as Bremelanotide is a medication used to treat low sexual desire in men and women. It is an innovative peptide hormone treatment that works to improve sexual function.

It increases the libido in men and helps women overcome the decline in sexual arousal. PT-141 peptide therapy gives you the motivation and desire, with increased blood flow to the vagina, clitoris, or penis, to add passion and intimacy to your relationship. All of your sexual difficulties can be attended to with growth hormone peptide therapy.

PT-141 works directly upon the nervous system to increase desire, satisfaction and arousal during sex. This peptide therapy is considered better than that of Cialis or Viagra. Viagra or Cialis works through the vascular system only and allows you to hold onto an erection for men. By using PT-141, you will develop a desire to achieve an erection and bring back passion and intimacy to your relationship.

When Can One Expect Results?

The peptide therapy cost for RejuvenateHRT PT-141 is nominal and will help you with long-lasting results. Per your doctor’s suggestion, one must continue its dosage for a considerable time. Doctors suggest you take this PT-141 peptide therapy for a few months. The noticeable results will start after a month. But the full benefits of PT-141 peptide treatment are evident after three to six months of this therapy.

After one month of getting PT-141 peptide treatment, you will experience increased energy, better stamina and deeper sleep. On completing the second month, you will have reduced wrinkles, better skin, stronger hair, stronger nails and increased metabolism. In the third month, you will start experiencing enhanced sexual performance and arousal, joint health and mental focus.

You can also consider PT-141 as peptide weight loss therapy, as on the completion of six months of this treatment, you will lose around 5 to 10% of your body fat without any diet or exercise. So, by the end of six months, you will avail yourself of all of the PT-141 benefits.

 Benefits of PT-141 Therapy

Some of the direct benefits of PT-141 peptide therapy are as follows:

  • Great sexual arousal
  • Stronger and long-lasting infections
  • Better sexual performance
  • Regain your self-esteem
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Lose weight over time
  • Improve your sexual relationship
  • Better skin elasticity
  • Increased growth of lean muscle mass
  • Noticeable change in healthy hair
  • Treats erectile or sexual dysfunction conditions

So, suppose your doctors have recommended peptide therapy to get your sex life back on track. In that case, RejuvenateHRT brings you the best quality PT-141, which is rich in its formulation and guarantees effective results with every dose.