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  • DETOX MD (90 caps)


    Detox MD supplement is a pharmaceutical compound formulated with  one of the world’s most recognized antioxidants in the world  NAC. It is industry knowledge  that N-acetyl cysteine has a strong potential for supporting detoxification in the entire  body, especially in the kidneys and the liver. It also works as a precursor to glutathione, a key molecule for eliminating toxins.

    Detox MD supplement is formulated and manufactured by the most reputable pharmacies in the country.  Our potent formulation includes 900 mg NAC, 200mg Milk Thistle, 300mg Curcumin, 50mg Astragalus, 100mg Horse Tail Extract, and 250mg Tudca. All these powerful ingredients make Detox MD one of the market’s most effective Detoxifying supplements.

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    Our Vitamin Health Stack is a combination pack of supplements formulated by our wellness specialists at RejuvenateHRT. These five laboratory formulations are designed to boost your health and improve your overall well-being. The 5-in-1 Vitamin Health supplement stack includes the following products.