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Erin Renzelman

Erin RenzelmanErin Renzelman
RejuvenateHRT | Marketing Director

Erin Renzelman, born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, grew up with a focus on health and wellness. As an athlete, it was always very important to her to take care of her body both inside and out. She played basketball starting in the second grade and dedicated her young life to the sport. Once her basketball career ended, she turned her focus to lifting weights and nutrition which eventually led her to pursue competitive bodybuilding. As she gained more experience in the sport she began to realize even more how important it is to take care of your health. Her bodybuilding journey, unfortunately, began with an unintelligent approach that led to dysfunction in her body. After working with Matt Cusano and regaining her health, she wants nothing more than to prevent this from happening to others.

Erin’s passion for health has only grown as time has passed. She is dedicated to being a part of something that will truly make a difference, and that “something” is RejuvenateHRT. Erin believes in making a difference, educating people on a better way of life, and correcting dysfunction at the root, which makes her a great fit for our RejuvenateHRT Team. Together, we will change the way America does HRT one patient at a time.