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Candace Fuller

Candace FullerCandace Fuller
RejuvenateHRT | Licensed Nurse
Hormone Specialist Consultant

Candace Fuller is an LVN with over 10 years of medical experience. She graduated with high honors from her nursing program. She has worked in many different medical modalities. She has extensive experience in Emergency Medicine, Nephrology, Women’s Health, and Private Duty Nursing.

Her passion for fitness stems from wanting to be healthy due to a prevalent family history of medical issues. This was the fuel that initiated her to uphold a healthy lifestyle and compete in bodybuilding. She has competed twice over the years and is nationally qualified as a NPC wellness competitor as of Nov 2022.

Candace has a true passion for caring for people and having the ability to provide quality patient care. From her love of the healthcare profession, to her empathic nature as a driving force she is steadfast in her nursing care.

Candace has also been very successful in holistic health. Her comprehensive approach of listening and educating her patients has been greatly beneficial in providing integrated patient care.