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IFBB Pro Devyn Cambre

Devyn is a IFBB Wellness Pro, registered nurse, and online coach. She was always physically active growing up and started competitive bodybuilding in 2013. After a few years of competing, she decided to put bodybuilding aside and start a family. This led to the discovery of a multitude of hormone imbalances that had previously been ignored, overlooked, or misdiagnosed by medical professionals.
After 2 years of trying to conceive with the use of pharmaceutical intervention, Devyn was able to get pregnant and have a child, but never fully received answers for her issues or a plan to treat them.
She returned to bodybuilding, which eventually exacerbated her untreated hormone imbalances, leading to a host of symptoms and worsened over time. This is when Devyn took her health into her own hands and started searching for answers through bloodwork and researching supplements or modalities that may be able to help with what she was experiencing. Now joining with Rejuvenate HRT, she is able to correct her hormonal issues while continuing to do what she loves in bodybuilding without sacrificing her health.

You can follow along Devyn’s journey on Instagram at @devync_ifbbpro.